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The Genetic Diversity of Diversity Outbred Mice


Video Summary 

This video allows you to explore a recent initiative that we've begun on exploring the genetic diversity of our diversity-outbred mice. The diversity outbred mice are a colony that we have here at JAX that is specifically bred to have diverse genetics within the population. So, it's a very different breeding scheme from the typical inbred strains you may be familiar with.

The goal of this population is that no mouse is ever the same as any other mouse within that population. So, much like the human condition, each mouse within that population and over the generations is unique and can never be found ever again.

What you’ll see in this video is an overview of what's actually going on in this population and whether or not it is close to what we believe is happening theoretically with their genetics.

If you’d like more information about our diversity outbred colonies or additional data, please reach out to our team of Technical Information Scientists at or 1.800.422.6423.