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CAR T-induced Immunotoxicity: Tackling the Cytokine Release Syndrome Challenge

In this special joint webinar, we discuss CAR T-induced Immunotoxicity, highlighting cutting-edge platforms for assessing the safety and efficacy of CAR therapies and preventing the development of cytokine release syndrome (CRS) in the clinic. Presenting are Dr. Paul Maciocia from University College London, Dr. Tomer Bronshtein from Bonus BioGroup, and Dr. James Keck from The Jackson Laboratory. 

Topics covered include:

· The clinical presentation of CRS and its impact on patient outcomes

· Translational preclinical platforms for the assessment of CRS in vivo

·  How to leverage multiple PBMC donors to assess donor-to-donor variability in patient populations

·  Bonus BioGroup’s successful use of these platforms to evaluate their newest therapeutics

Recorded on: 27 March 2023