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Achieving Relevant Preclinical Characterization of CAR T Cell Therapies

This whitepaper examines the constraints and challenges inherent in each CAR T study type and how to overcome them with in vivo studies using fully humanized mouse models.

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To avoid risks and setbacks associated with CAR T therapies, scientists need a preclinical research platform that will deliver fast, reproducible, relevant, and actionable results without endangering human patients.  A humanized in vivo platform is ideal for CAR T cell therapy characterization, safety, and efficacy testing. This platform enables researchers to model human immune responses in a diverse population to CAR T cell treatment in a comprehensive manner that overcomes the limitations of other assays, such as cost, speed, ethical concerns, and failure to capture human-specific systemic responses. Armed with this information, clinicians and therapeutic developers can have greater confidence that a CAR T cell therapy will be both safe and effective for each patient who receives it.