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What is Cytokine Release Syndrome?

What is Cytokine Release Syndrome or CRS? 

CRS occurs when the innate and adaptive immune systems are overactivated, releasing too many cytokines, which are substances that can affect other cells.  

CRS can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as the presence of certain tumors, infectious diseases like COVID-19, or the administration of certain therapies such as adoptive cell transfer or bispecific antibodies.

When the immune system’s defenses are overactivated a mass release of cytokines can result, causing a cytokine storm. This storm causes the body to create a toxic environment, resulting in a simple fever or in more severe cases organ failure or death.

Researchers developing therapies such as CAR T or bispecific antibodies often do not discover CRS until it has reached the clinic. 

To address this critical challenge earlier in drug development, JAX has created a unique platform to help predict CRS.

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