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JAX Tech Talk Episode 66: Let’s Talk J:ARC Swiss Outbred Mouse Model (Jul. 20, 2023)

July 20th, 2023 – In this JAX Tech Talk episode, we revisit the J:ARC Swiss Outbred model. The Swiss Outbred is a well-known outbred mouse model with numerous research applications, ranging from toxicity studies to recipient dams for in vitro fertilization. Along with their many uses, these mice exhibit a high level of heterogeneity at most loci, providing a robust platform of diversity. During this presentation, we will discuss our J:ARC Swiss Outbred model, its origins, considerations for maintaining the diversity in J:ARC colonies, and a recent study quantifying the heterogeneity in this model.

Helpful Resources:

Strain Datasheet for J:ARC Swiss Outbred Mice

• (2021) JAX Tech Talk on JAX Swiss Outbred Mice

• Publication: “Protein coding variation in the J:ARC and J:DO outbred laboratory mouse stocks provides a molecular basis for distinct research applications” (April 2023)

Diversity Mice User Guide

• MiniCourse: Mouse Genetic Diversity: Translating Discoveries to Humans