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2022 Bonus: Let’s Talk Insights from SfN’s Annual Neuroscience Meeting - Part 1

We attended SfN 2022 to gather insights into how people within the scientific community use mouse models in their research. We talked to scientists across study areas such as neurodegenerative disease, addiction, bioinformatics, and more to give you a peek at the state of the field of neuroscience. In this video, you’ll hear from researchers at all levels giving a glimpse at their work. You’ll see data generated in various models including congenic and recombinant inbred mice, and even some iPSCs. Please enjoy this special-edition video highlighting some of the science presented at this year’s Neuroscience meeting. Thank you to all who provided interviews at SFN’s annual Neuroscience meeting. Due to video/audio quality, some interviews had to be cut for the final episode. Stephen Keegan 00:56 Sebastian Illes 03:56 Dr. Michelle Antoine  05:18 Courtney Hatton  11:24 Samia Pratt  12:33 Haley Mendoza-Romero 13:52 Elizabeth Rakowski  15:00 Ashmita Mukherjee  15:34 Dr. Timothy Hines 16:23 George Murray 18:20 Dr. Kristin Hamre 20:45 Jessica A. Baker 21:47 Dr. Jessica Biddinger 24:06 Dr. Robert Burgess  25:14 Sarah E. Holbrook 27:37 Thank you: 33:24