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DNA Day 2023 celebrations led by JAX Genomic Education

DNA Day is a global celebration of all-things genetics. Occurring annually on April 25, DNA Day commemorates the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA and the completion of the Human Genome Project. This year marked a double-anniversary year: 20 years since the 108th congress first established DNA Day in 2003, and 70 years since the first publications of the structure of DNA were released in 1953. What better place to celebrate DNA Day than at JAX, where genetics is in our mission and even in our logo! JAX Genomic Education once again lead this year’s festivities across our campuses, online, and in our communities.

DNA Day essay contest: JAX edition

Our Teaching the Genome Generation (TtGG) program educates both students and teachers in New England and beyond in genetics and genomics. Each year the TtGG™ program runs an essay contest, encouraging today’s youth to think like a scientist and research relevant topics in human genetics. Following this year’s prompt of the ASHG annual contest, high school students from the TtGG™ program were asked to reflect on the diversity of our human genomes and share what the phrase “One Humanity, Many Genomes” means to them. We are proud to celebrate the 39 students who participated in our TtGG™ DNA Day essay contest. Congratulations to all students for their thoughtful submissions!

Top scores:

Henry Anderson from Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH (teacher Liz Hoyt)

Calvin Moon from Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT (teacher Selena Gell)

Aashritha Sathish from South Windsor High School in South Windsor, CT (teacher Janet Belval)

Joshua White from Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH (teacher Liz Hoyt)

Honorable mention: 

Fhasal Alam from Torrington High School in Torrington, CT (teacher Angie Norige)

Cameron Zadravec from Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth, NH (teacher Liz Hoyt)

JAX employees celebrate DNA Day

Across our JAX campuses, we also found time to gather and celebrate DNA Day, recognizing the important work our JAX community contributes to the field of genetics. From genetics trivia and genetics learning resources, to pipetting artwork and DNA cupcakes, JAX staff and community members found several ways to celebrate DNA Day.

As a nonprofit research institute with a focus on genetics research, we honor DNA Day every day in the work that we do, the employees that make us who we are, and the people in our community that we serve. These annual celebrations remind us of the meaning behind our mission. We couldn’t pick a better day than DNA Day if we tried!