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Stoveside Chats: Exploring the Asian Experience

In this episode of Stoveside Chats, Moses Davis, director for diversity, equity and inclusion at JAX, joins colleague Mai Hendrix for an engaging conversation about their personal experiences with diversity and cultural representation. Together, they discuss the complex and multifaceted realities faced by both Asian and Black communities and challenge the stereotypes, misconceptions and rising tide of xenophobia that affect those communities.

As part of the JAX community, Moses and Mai embrace their roles as cultural bridges, Emphasizing the importance of understanding and communication as key to a diverse and inclusive environment. Their insights help international colleagues navigate the current socio-political landscape, and provide insights on coping strategies and fostering mutual respect. 

Throughout the conversation, Mai introduces Moses to the rich culinary tradition of her Chinese heritage, preparing a dish of Cross Bridge Rice Noodles. More than a cooking lesson, this episode an intimate look into the vast diversity within Asian culture, standing in bold defiance of Western stereotypes.

Watch the full video above to delve deeper into this important and exciting topic — and learn a new recipe to try at home.