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Stoveside Chats: The Relationship Between DEI and Sustainability

On this episode of Stoveside Chats, a cooking show that brings together individuals from different areas of JAX to discuss important topics casually while preparing food, Moses Davis, director for diversity, equity and inclusion at JAX, and sustainability expert Levi Rogers talk about the JAX Sustainability Program, and the relationship between sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion.

As they prepare three different types of veggie sushi rolls, Davis and Rogers discuss how sustainability and diversity are interconnected. They explain that sustainability has traditionally been environmentally focused, but in recent years, the sustainability movement has expanded to include social and economic factors as well. Rogers points out that sustainability cannot be achieved if people are excluded, which is why diversity and equity must be supported in all sustainability work.

The conversation then turns to the importance of considering multiple perspectives and understanding the impacts of our choices beyond ourselves. Davis notes that when making sustainable choices, it is essential to think about the broader impacts of those choices and to be thoughtful and caring for others. Rogers adds that diversity is crucial in this process, as having many voices around the table and people feeling like they can bring their full selves and perspectives helps to consider broader impacts.

Throughout, this episode also showcases how easy it is to make colorful and healthy veggie sushi rolls. The hosts explain the process of making sushi rice, preparing the vegetables, and assembling the rolls. Davis remarks that anyone can make these rolls, even those who have never made sushi before.

View the full video above to hear the whole conversation about the importance of considering diversity, equity, and inclusion in sustainability.