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Crafting a Precise Genetic Mouse Model with JAX

Making the Right Mouse Model for your Translational Research Goals

It’s a situation all too common – you know the exact genetic mouse model that you will need to further your drug development or translational research, and yet, finding this mouse proves to be elusive. You search public mouse repositories, read publications, contact authors only to reach dead ends wherever you turn. Even if you’re able to find the model you need, it may not be commercially available, or you find the mouse, but it’s the wrong genetic background for your efficacy studies. Instead of changing your research plan, consider utilizing The Jackson Laboratory’s (JAX) Model Generation Service to design and produce the genetically modified mouse model that is precisely what you need for your research. The best part? Whether you are new to model generation or an expert, JAX scientists will partner with you every step of the way.

Genetically Modified Model Generation Services

We utilize multiple model generation techniques, including CRISPR/Cas9, ES cell microinjections, and DNA microinjections. Together, these techniques allow us to design and generate your translational models through either large or small knockins, including humanized alleles and reporters, point mutations (SNP), conditional knockouts (through the insertion of loxP or similar sites), deletions or indels, and transgenics. These modifications can be introduced into most JAX strains, allowing you to choose the genetic background or introduce new genetic modifications to existing strains. JAX has successfully modified over 200 mouse models with different genetic backgrounds to date. Whether you need a custom-designed model or already have starting materials (ES cell or plasmids), JAX can help.


JAX Model Generation Capabilities

Model Function

Target Validation
Pathogenic Allele Validation
Genetic Humanization
Translational Efficacy

Genetic Modifications

Point Mutation (SNP)
Conditional Knockout (Floxed)
Knock-in (reporter, humanization, gene replacement)

Random Transgenic
ES Cell Chimera generation

Genetic Background

NOD Scid


Custom Models: Let us know how you plan on using the model, the genetic modification, and genetic background, and we’ll determine the most efficient strategy to generate your new mouse model.

Have Starting Materials? We can microinject plasmids or ES Cells into your JAX strain of choice – choose from the whole JAX Repository. 


Partnering with JAX: What to Expect

Every custom-designed mouse model generation project starts with a feasibility assessment from our PhD scientist study directors. If the project is deemed feasible, it will have a no-risk guarantee. If we are unable to produce the genetic modification as described, you will not be charged for the project. At the end of the model generation project, you will receive mice that have been sequenced and backcrossed for one generation (N1 animals) and are genetically confirmed to be germline transmitted. Like all JAX mice, they will be specific-pathogen-free (SPF) and should not need to be quarantined before entering your facility. Most custom projects have N1 animals ready to ship in 7-9 months, depending on the complexity of the model. Custom projects also include cryopreservation of your new model and a final study report that you will review with a JAX scientist.

A Multitude of Services Beyond Model Generation

One added benefit of working with JAX is that we have a suite of other services that can be included in your project. In addition to the N1 animals, you can also add on breeding services to produce cohorts of animals, breed to a different strain (such as a cre-expressing strain for conditional alleles), expression analysis, surgical and pre-conditioning services, and a wide range of phenotyping through our in vivo services group. And to ensure your novel custom model is safeguarded, we offer various cryo-preservation and recovery services. This means that instead of producing mice and shipping them to different vendors for different stages of your research, you can accomplish your entire study at JAX.

Start Now With JAX

These capabilities and add-on services make JAX Model Generation Services a highly customizable option to create your next mouse model. Start with the JAX models you’ve come to trust and introduce your own genetic modifications to create a unique mouse model ideal for your research needs. Get started today by filling out an online request form, contacting a Technical Information Scientist, or reaching out to your JAX regional representative.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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